Architecture is an amalgamation of both art and science to design the given built environment from the micro-level of minute construction details to the macro level of urban design, landscape architecture etc.

In simple words, an architect is qualified enough to plan and design a physical structure or a building artistically while incorporating scientific principles.

For the end product to be artistic, functional and aesthetic, there are a few things any architect will think of before starting a project as the design itself revolves around these factors i.e., light, shadow, materials being used, space, volume, texture depending upon what the building is used for.

Some realistic elements that play a key role include cost, construction and technology.

When it comes to interiors it needs to be habitable, functional, and aesthetic by determining space requirements. Interiors should include essential and decorative elements, such as colours, lighting, and materials to complement any indoor space.

Many developers offer undecorated spaces to occupants and if you have opted for such a property, you can simply hire an interior designer.

They not only deal with the styling and furnishings of a property but also responsible for converting a blank space into a habitable environment.

When you hire an interior design, it is important to know that they can be expensive depending on their experience, skills, reputation in the architect’s community etc.

If you are tight on a budget hiring an interior designer may not be the best idea or you can simply do the interiors in the future when your credit allows.

Although there are many emerging architects and interior designer that does the job for a much lesser cost, it can still be heavy on your pocket if you are low on funds.

If you are willing to buy your first property with us, we will be able to give you all the architectural and interior services at an affordable price within your budget