3BHK Flat for Sale in Hanamkonda | CKM college road

Apartment NameAmanteja
Contact no79897 07941
LocationEkashila Nagar, CKM college road.
Flat area1600 sft & 1795 sft
Total no of Floors5
Bank loanAvailable

SOLD OUT | 2BHK Flat for Sale in Hanamkonda | Hunter Road | Near CSR Gardens

Apartment NameSri sai Datta Residency
Contact no720 749 2341 | WhatsApp: Click Here
LocationHunter Road | Near CSR Gardens
Flat area1160
Available flat FacingWest = 1 | East = 2
Price per SFT3700/-
Total no of Floors5
Amenities3 lacs
Bank loanAvailable | Only 20 L

2BHK Flat for Re-sale in Hanamkonda Chowrasta – Sold Out

Flat Type2BHK
NOTEThe approximate land cost in this locality is 1.5 lakhs per sq yd & 25 Sq Yards of undivided land share | (1.5L*25=37.5L only for Land price).
Builtup area1016 sft
Constructed date2005
Car ParkingYes
Floor TypeWhite Marble
Wall TypeRed Bricks
Maintainance1500 per month
LocationKakaji Colony (Prime Location)
LandMarkJaya Hospital Backside
Total Flats in Apartment9
Flats per floor3
NOTEApproximate land cost in this locality is 1.5 lakhs per sq yd & 25 Sq. Yards of undivided land share.
Price38 Lakhs (negotiable)
Contact7207492341 – WhatsApp Link

2 BHK Flats for sale in Parimala Colony, Hanamkonda – Sold Out

Newly constructed 2BHK flats for sale in parimala colony hanamkonda.

Area950 SFT Sold Out
No of floors5
PossessionReady to move
Total no of flats available10

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About Apartment:

about warangal apartments

Apartment, considering other residential properties can be a beneficial investment as it is much cheaper than any independent villa or a house. Apartments are compact and thus require less maintenance.

The key advantage of purchasing an apartment is the array of facilities and services that come along with it for hassle-free living.

If you are a bachelor that has just moved to a new city or a nuclear family that has dreamt of having their own abode, apartments are a safer and an affordable option.

You will not only get to experience the perfect community living but also get to interact with the neighbors as the apartment community will hold events frequently. This way you will get to experience various cultures in the community.

Most of the apartment complexes these days come with a few perks such as a badminton/basketball court, a swimming pool, gym, recreational spaces, Power Backup, Parking area, and more.

Not just that!! You can also be carefree as you will get maximum safety as the security guards will be checking and verifying every visitor.

The more amenities the higher the cost.

It is safe to say that apartments are more in demand as many prefer community living and they are cost-effective as well.

Moreover, you can easily avail yourself of loans from the bank for an apartment.

You can get funding with maximum loan tenure going up to 30 years. Another added advantage is the home loan helps you in saving tax on the monthly loan repayment.

The apartment will also be able to generate a stable income if given on rent as flats are always in demand. In certain locations, apartments can be cheaper to purchase than plots as well.

If you have limited funds but wish to enter the real estate market to reap returns, apartments are sure to offer the best opportunities for investors.

Which floor should you choose when buying an apartment?

Every floor has its own advantages and disadvantages. This article is not to say that only a certain floor is good to purchase rather to give the buyer insights on the issues they get to face along with some advantages as well. 

It is advised to avoid the ground floor when purchasing a flat. Below are the reasons why it is better to avoid the ground floor.

  • As we all know, drainage overflow, heavy rains are common in the country. Since there is a good chance of drainage lines getting clogged, the overflow of the drain over enters into the apartment premises. This means the person that lives on the ground floor will be the first to encounter the trouble
  • People living on the ground floor also need to deal with the noise. The noise produced by vehicles if the apartment is closer to the main road, people (people living on the top floors) may cause too much noise when going to and fro from the apartment, kids usually play on the ground floor, etc.
  • Since the ground floor is heavily used, it can the most uncleaned area in the apartment. People living on the top floors will have to leave through the first floor, there is a chance of constant movement on the ground floor. Usually, parking areas are on the ground floors themselves, there may be a lot of dust and smoke emitted by the vehicle may enter your house.
  • Another issue would cockroaches. Cockroaches normally live along the drain lines, there may even enter your house via the drain lines and pipes as the ground floor is the nearest to the drainage pipelines.
  • People living on the ground floor may not have the luxury of having a balcony, whatever space provided will become a utility area.
  • There will not be enough privacy for the people living on the ground floor in comparison to the top floors.
  • In simple words, people living on the ground floor will be the first ones to face any ground problems such as the overflood of rainwater due to heavy rains, drain water, dust, etc. To avoid all these problems it is suggested to avoid purchasing a ground floor flat.
  • There will not be enough ventilation and will not receive proper sunlight.


  • The ground floor is the safest place if the buyer has kids and elder for an easy commute. There will be no instances of kids falling off of the balcony. You do not have to depend on the lift and staircase.

Below we have explained why it is good to stay away from the top floor of the apartment.

  • In summers, most parts of the country become hotter by the day. If the buyer chooses to purchase the top floor then you (the buyer) will face the maximum heat as there is no flat above the top floor to protect you from the heat.
  • Since water seepage is a common problem over time the quality of the storage water tank or overhead tank can deteriorate. As the top floor is the final floor of the apartment, whenever there will be an overflow of water through a tank or water may seep through the ceiling; the buyer will be the first person or the only person to face this issue.

At times of stagnant water, if the slab does not have the proper inclination then water may seep into the slab.

If the materials used in the slab are of not good quality then you may face this issue in a couple of years.

  • Because the people living on the top floor are closer to the overhead tank, there will be low water pressure. As a result, if the overhead tank has less quantity of water you may not get water.


  • Top floors are mostly clean, silent depending on the number of floors the apartment has. If privacy is your top priority then the top floor is the best as it has the utmost privacy.
  • Since there is no flat above you, there will not be any bathroom leaks. You will get the maximum ventilation and the view (depending on the height of the building) as well.
  • Another advantage is the buyer will have easy access to the terrace which can be used for various purposes.

Note: Top floor can be a better choice if there is an additional roof cover added on the terrace which has become a common sight in many apartments.    

  • If the water pipes are dedicated floor wise, in short, one dedicated pipe for every 3 or 4 floors. Many developers have implemented this in their projects to resolve the low water pressure issue on the top floors.   

East facing flat or West facing flat?

When purchasing an apartment it is best to go for a west-facing apartment flat.

Why you may ask, it is because usually apartment flats in India are built on either side of the corridor.

This means one flat is most probably facing the opposite flat.

This way there will be no chance of any sunlight entering the house.

If you wish to enjoy the morning sun it is better to buy a west facing flat so that the sunlight will enter through the balcony.

If you purchase an east facing house you can enjoy the sunset through your balcony. 

In simple words, the main entrances of both west-facing flat and east-facing flat are opposite to the other. The only chance of getting any sunlight is through the balconies only.

Why floor is the most preferable?

  • If you are purchasing the flat in a high rise apartment then it better to go for the 5th floor flat or above. It is to avoid noise from a vehicle as the ground noise can be heard till 4th floor only.
  • If you go for the 5th floor you can manage to climb the stairs to go to your flat if the lift does not work or have other issues.
  • You can get maximum ventilation and ground view as well.
  • On the 5th floor, one does not have to deal with ground problems such as drain-water issues, noise or water seepage problems or low water pressure issues as well.
  • Either choose 2 or 3 floors above the ground floor or 4 or 5 floors lower to the top floor.


We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we have given a brief on the pros and cons of choosing a particular floor when purchasing a flat.

If you have any further queries related to this article, let us know in the comments.